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Semi Independent Living

As a family run business our values are reflected in how we provide care. Each person we support is made to feel special, safe and comfortable in a relaxed environment. Richesther Homes is fully committed and dedicates a positive drive in ensuring that the EVERY CHILD MATTERS vision is evidenced within our service design and delivery. In fact, there are five key principles that we follow to ensure positive outcomes. These are to ensure that all Young People achieve the following: 

  To be healthy.

  To stay safe.

  To enjoy and achieve.

  To make a positive contribution.

  To achieve economic well-being.

By first engaging with them, listening to their stories through weekly Group Work sessions and then using their story as a Map towards understanding all the unresolved emotional spaces that they may now occupy we would then put in additional brief solution focused therapy Counselling support if and when required.

Richesther Homes has developed its Care Services for: 

  Refugee Minors Aged 16+

  Young Expectant Mothers 16+

  Mother And Babies 16+

  Young People Leaving Care 16+

  Young people with emotional, challenging and complex needs


At Richesther Homes we can also undertake various assessments, including Age assessments and Pathway Plans as a means of assisting the Local Authorities that we work with.

 We are able to offer provisions for young people who display: 

  Difficult And Challenging Behaviour

  Sexualised Behaviour

  Mental Health Issues

  Learning Disabilities

  Drug And Alcohol Abuse

  Personality Disorder


Richesther Homes can offer a variety of services for children, young adults and families. If you feel that we will be a suitable choice to provide the care services you require, please feel free to get in touch. In addition we also offer a pick-up service, all new referrals can be collected from wherever they are.